Tim is a guitarist/songwriter with Ballarat band The Funky Turtles. He has been working with mentor Geoff Hassall for many years to develop his music. They collaborate in writing and recording Tim’s ideas and lyrics. Tim uses some of this work within his film making.
Tim always wanted to write songs and be a rock star. Through his song writing he is able to express his emotions and thoughts.

The Funky Turtles have released two albums, ‘Out of their Shells’ and ‘Popcorn Brain’.

Tim’s first solo record Timination was released in November 2015. All songs are original compositions, written, developed and recorded with long-time collaborator Geoff Hassall.

Listen to Take Your Medication, a single from Timination, released specially for Mental Health Week.

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Mr Nobody –  from the Funky Turtles second album “Popcorn Brain”