Tim Sedgwick has had a life long interest in creating art, particularly three dimensional constructions. He has progressed from directed activities to becoming more independent and working with mentors in the creative arts.

Tim is in an artist working in the naïve art or outsider art style, making found object ‘sculpturals‘. He began collaborating with artist Geoff Bonney in 2012.

Tim creates the drawings for the 3D works. Geoff assists him in realising his drawings with Tim selecting materials, and Geoff offering engineering techniques and assisting in building the pieces. Tim then does all the selection of colours, painting and finishing.

Listen to Geoff talk about their collaboration here.

Tim Sedgwick – Self Portrait – 2015


During the making of these sculptures his critical eye, his selection and use of materials, decision making and building and engineering techniques continue to develop.

Tim’s artworks reflects his personality and optimism. He has built into his works a quirkiness and attitude that reflect his own positive outlook on life and his sense of humour.

 Tim also works with Arthur Creative Inc who offer supported studio space for emerging and established artists with a disability in Ballarat. He works in varied styles including acrylic painting, pencil sketching, 3D and iPad design.

Tim has exhibited in several groups shows. ‘Rambo Ram’ was selected for the State Trustees Connected Art Exhibition 2014 in Melbourne. The ‘Tim and Anne’ joint exhibition with artist Anne Chibnall at the Learmonth Art Hall in late 2013 was a huge success.

Tim’s first solo exhibition was launched at Backspace Gallery, Ballarat, in September 2015

“When I had secret birthday wishes, I wished I’d become an artist. My wish has come true. My dream came true. I am having so much fun.”