Tim Sedgwick is an artist exploring different ways of expression, ideas and techniques in many forms; he works in several artistic fields.

As an artist Tim makes collaborative naive style ‘sculpturals’ with mentor Geoff Bonney. He works independently planning and sketching for these 3D works. Click here to see a small range of Tim’s sculptures.

Tim also works in other medium through Arthur . Click here to learn more about Tim’s studio artwork.

Tim has been part of many group exhibitions including a joint exhibition with another artist and launched his first solo exhibition in the Backspace Art Gallery in September 2015. Click here to see some photos and an article from the exhibition.

Tim is also a film maker and has created many films, writing his own scripts and storyboards, creating his own sets, using his own props and creating his own 3D characters for animations. He works the camera for his films and acts in other films. Click here to see more.

Tim writes music for his film soundtracks and plays in a Ballarat based band The Funky Turtles. Click here to see his music video and to read more about his music achievements.